Training Centre

Develop skills to understand and deal with Climate Variability and Climate Change including how to use it for better risk management.

Climate training is ideal for decision-makers in climate-sensitive industries such as farmers, agronomists and resource managers, and can be completed on an individual basis or within a workshop environment.

Training Module

Seasonal Forecasts Explained:

A series of explainer videos on 'Seasonal forecasts: from Science to Services' developed by the UK Met Office for the Adaptive Social Protection - Information for Enhanced REsilience (ASPIRE) project which was designed to identify how climate information could inform social protection.

The videos aim to provide an entertaining and accessible training resource and are targeted at those new to seasonal forecasts as well as users in different sectors, such as those working in agriculture, water, energy and humanitarian aid.

Part 1: The underpinning science
Part 2: Seasonal forecasts production
Part 3: Interpreting seasonal forecast output - advanced
Part 4: Forecast delivery and services - advanced

Training Module

Understanding percentiles in climate data

Developed by the Queensland Government this animation explains how percentiles are calculated, how to interpret them and their use in seasonal forecast products.