Research Tools

These analysis tools were developed to assist farmers and the industry to improve climate risk management. The tools provide the ability to analyse rainfall and other climate variables at individual locations and taking into account seasonal patterns and forecasts.

Station Analysis Tools

Station Averages

Explore station averages and long term trends from historical records. This tool also has the ability to explore extreme years/months and provides a simple way to download the station data.

Station Indices Analysis

Explore the effects of the various climate systems impacting our climate from around the globe. This is a research tool to explore how each climate index may effect local climate.

Event Analysis

Explore how the climate effects the timing and variability of the local station events. This tool also has the ability to count how often a specific event is triggered.

Country / Region Analysis Tools

Crop Risk Indices Explorer

Similar to the Station Indices Analysis Tool this tool explores the effect of the global climate systems on induvidual crops around the globe. This tool uses crop data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.